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Welcome to another Livejournal community devoted to the fans of Japanese R&B and Hip hop singer and performer MATSUSHITA YUYA. This is already a OPEN MEMBERSHIP community, feel free to join, as long as there will be NO rules violated,you'll be safe. Other than that, enjoy and spread Yuya love~!
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Yuya Matsushita's Profile
* Born May 24, 1990 (age 20)
* Kobe native
* Height: 180cm / Weight: 60kg
* Blood type: A
* Favorite artists: Michael Jackson, Kanye West, John Legend, Pharrell Williams/N*E*R*D, etc
* Interests: watching movies, fashion

1990 Born May 24 in Kobe

(age 12) Suddenly decides to become a singer

Did his own researches at bookstores, and visited Caless Vocal & Dance School, the school he selected first. The school quickly discovered his talent and admitted him on scholarship. At school, his training mainly focused on gospel and Western music. Around the same time, he was also intrigued with street dance, and began spending much time practicing it.
2004 Formed dance/vocal group “SUGER” with Caless classmate Shota Shimizu and others.

Met producer Jin Nakamura.

Nakamura wrote “foolish foolish”, inspired by the first impression he had on Yuya.

Visited New York City, the city of his dreams, in October, when Yuya was in the 9th grade. This trip, which he made all by himself, became the turning point of his life; he made the decision of his life to pursue music instead of going to high school.
2006 Recorded “foolish foolish” under producer Nakamura.
2007 Quit SUGER due to decision to go solo. Continued working with Nakamura, aiming for major debut.
2008 Signed with Epic Records Japan and started full-scale preparation for major debut. Visited New York City once again, this time as ‘Yuya Matsushita the artist’. Video/photo shoot for debut single “foolish foolish” was done there. “foolish foolish” is set for release this coming winter.

Fanmail Address:

Matsushita Yuya, Zero Creative,
Epic Records Japan Inc.,
9-6-35 Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo-to, TOKYO, 107-8301, JAPAN.

SUPER DRIVE - 24/8/2011